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Who Is Emergency Visions?

Who We Are

Based in Atlanta, Ga., Emergency Visions, Inc. (EVI) provides a cloud and mobile enabled Disaster Resource Management (DRM) solution for Governments, Nonprofits, and Corporations who actively participate in the Emergency Management Lifecycle (EML). The EML encompasses four distinct phases of emergency management: mitigation; preparation; response; and recovery. EVI’s emergency based DRM solution empowers its customers to effectively manage their day-to-day requirements, emergency situations, and catastrophic events by improving the coordination of disaster resources (people, places, and things).

What We Do

Disasters are increasing in both number and scale at an alarming rate. Globally, emergency management costs have grown exponentially. Natural disasters alone generated costs of over $1 trillion from 2000-2010 and close to $190 billion in 2013 alone.

Man-made events such as terrorism, military action, and nuclear emergencies increase the total economic impact dramatically. Governments, Non-Profits, and Corporations must find an efficient way to manage their Emergency Management Lifecycle.

Founded in early 2002, EVI has worked with over 100 customers and has recently launched ResponseVision 4.0® (RV4.0).

ResponseVision 4.0 Feature Chart
Unlike existing systems, EVI delivers its emergency-based DRM solution that is used daily and episodically across the EML to:

  • Identify, deploy, and manage disaster resources
  • Provide operational visibility within a single organization and/or across multiple connected entities allowing for the management of response groups and networks
  • Provide structure and pre-planned processes to: inform critical decision-making; maximize resource utilization; and improve coordinated response efforts during times of chaos and unpredictability.

Contact Us

Telephone: 1-855-210-3302


Our Mission

EVI’s mission is to provide world-class solutions that assist in saving lives and property.

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