Emergency Visions Announces Completion of Successful Hurricane Exercises Prior to 2012 Hurricane Season

Atlanta, GA – Emergency Visions, Inc. (“EVI”) announced today the successful completion of Hurricane Exercises prior to the start of the 2012 Hurricane Season. Utilizing EVI’s software solutions, EVI worked with a variety of Federal, State and Local Agencies to simulate the coordination and management of resources to successfully complete a variety of exercises that, in a live emergency activation, would ensure lives are saved, property is protected, and emergency resources are properly allocated. These exercises were done in anticipation of the 2012 hurricane season and as a means to fully train and prepare the various levels of responders who work tirelessly to manage these unfortunate incidents.

For over 10 years, both domestically and internationally, EVI has worked closely with Government, NGO, and Corporate Leaders to ensure that people, property, and emergency management assets are properly protected, deployed, and accounted for. In addition to EVI’s leading emergency management software solution, ResponseVision, EVI has assembled a world class team of over 285 Subject Matter Experts (“SME”)who, combined, have over 5,700 years of Disaster Planning, Recovery, and emergency management experience throughout the globe to address the needs of our clients facing natural, man-made, and technological hazards.

Shawn Smith, EVI’s Founder and President, commented, ”This year’s exercises were the most successful in the Company’s history. Using our Consequence Management software solution, and several members of our SME team, our customers were highly successful in simulating their response to a large-scale hurricane landfall”. Smith went on to say, “The coordination between Federal, State and Local Agencies has never been stronger and more coordinated, and we are pleased that the value of EVI’s products and services were proven in large-scale events”.

About Emergency Visions, Inc.

EVI provides Governments, Non Profit Organizations, and Corporations with an easy to use, comprehensive, secure and scalable solution that empowers them to 1) manage everyday situations; 2) prepare for, respond to, and recover from catastrophic events; and 3) improve the coordination of people, resources, and assets. Unlike traditional incident management, supply chain, and emergency response systems, EVI delivers a cost effective solution to Discover, Move, and Manage everything required to improve and save lives and property on a daily basis.

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