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Humanitarian Aid

Disaster Resource Management For NGO's & NPO's

ResponseVision 4.0 provides NGO’s & NPO’s with a Cloud and Mobile-based Disaster Resource Management Solution

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How can Humanitarian Aid Organizations Benefit from RV4.0?

Procurement Planning to Last Mile Distribution

From Procurement Planning to
“Last Mile” Distribution

RV4.0 provides a “snapshot” view of your entire disaster operation. Easily build procurement plans for the resources required in both disaster and development phases, manage your distribution plan for every beneficiary, and achieve full “last mile” tracking and donor accountability.

Mass Care Via Mobile Devices

With RV4.0, an iPhone or an Android device becomes a tool to quickly visualize your sheltering and mass care operations. From a simple app you can see a map of locations; see who is in charge of a location; see where there are critical resources near that location; and mobilize those resources into action.

Mass Care Via Mobile Devices
Disconnected Approach to Aid Delivery

Disconnected Approach to Aid Delivery

RV4.0 is designed to operate in a disconnected environment. Aid distributions occur in the field without internet connectivity. When the internet is available, field operations seamlessly sync with the cloud, connecting you with regional and international resources.

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