• Training, Exercises, and Technology Working Together in Emergency Management
    Emergency Visions/08.2014/Webinars
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    Imagine the ability to measure the capacity of your disaster resources, human and physical, and the effectiveness of your incident action plans in a realistic setting against natural and/or man-made hazards. As one of the nation’s premiere Training Centers, The Guardian Centers allows emergency response teams to practice their disaster preparedness and tactical training in a realistic cityscape.

    Hear guest speakers, Tim Maloney, Vice President of Operations, and Justin McQuown, Vice President of Sales, of The Guardian Centers provide examples of all-hazard simulations that test incident action plans and the organizations who train at the facility. Following, Shawn Smith, Chief Evangelist of Emergency Visions, discusses the role of technology in simulation and drill exercises and demonstrate how to use ResponseVision® 4.0 as a training tool.