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ResponseVision® 4.0

Our Disaster Resource Management Solution


RV-FeatureChartResponseVision® 4.0 (RV4.0) is a proven, end-to-end Disaster Resource Management (DRM) solution designed by emergency management experts, developed utilizing the latest cloud-based innovations, and deliverable to virtually any device (computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices). RV4.0 helps you to: 1) discover, move, and manage all resources; 2) improve the coordination of people and resources; and, 3) to save lives and property on a daily and episodic basis.

The RV4.0 architecture matches FEMA’s new “Whole Community” approach, which is driving new thinking around the best ways to conduct emergency management efforts alongside mutual aid and private sector partners. Designed from the ground up to maximize the Whole Community approach, RV4.0 has been successfully deployed for governments, humanitarian aid, and corporate entities to allow them to work with virtually any constituent within their community to be fully prepared, to minimize the impact during a catastrophic event, and to rapidly recover post event.

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