Will the 2014 Hurricane Season Live Up to Its Predictions?

2014 Hurricane Season

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UPDATE: Emergency Visions and Carahsoft are hosting a webinar featuring guest speaker David Dilley, CEO of Global Weather Oscillations (GWO), to help you be more prepared for the 2014 Hurricane Season with predictive models based on long-term weather cycles. Register today!

Last Spring, Emergency Visions hosted a webinar regarding the Hurricane Season Forecast for 2013 with renowned expert Dr. William Gray. Dr. Gray shared a review of his forecast which called for an unusually active Hurricane Season. We were fortunate that the predictions didn’t come true and the 2013 season was one of the least active seasons since 2009.

On January 17, 2014, Global Weather Oscillations (GWO), a leading hurricane and climate cycle prediction company, released their hurricane predictions for the 2014 through 2017 seasons. CEO David Dilley said, “the upcoming season will be stronger and more dangerous than last year, with 17 named storms, 8 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes.” He also added, “this will be an about face from 2013 which saw the development and strength of tropical storm and hurricane activity suppressed by hostile upper atmospheric wind shear.”

In an interview in late December, Dilley said, “while other weather organizations predicted a strong hurricane season for the last year, GWO was the only organization that was correct in predicting a very weak 2013 hurricane season due to hostile upper atmospheric wind shear, and that the United States coast would not have a hurricane strike.” Mr. Dilley says that what makes GWO a standout from other organizations is their commitment to research and development of GWO’s Climate Pulse Technology (CPT) that incorporates climate cycle mechanisms that control the rhythm of weather cycles.

GWO was formed in 1992 with the specific understanding that weather and climate occurs in cycles. He disputes the notion that hurricanes occur randomly and are impossible to predict. He states “There are no random hurricanes, everything occurs in cycles.” We look forward to hearing more from Mr. Dilley and getting his input on climate change around the world.

Since joining the Disaster Resource Management field a few years ago, I have found myself focusing more on the weather and it’s impact on disasters around the world. It is fascinating to find someone committed to his research and going against the grain of other forecasters. We hope to have another webinar this spring focused on the 2014 outlook for hurricanes, and I am sure we will have many interested parties on the call to understand how the weather may impact them and their constituents this year. If anything is certain, it is that things are bound to change!

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Do you think the predictions are accurate from GWO? What are your thoughts for the 2014 Hurricane Season? Feel free to comment below.